Press Releases

Press Release: K-Patents announced today a significant installation project of its industry-leading inline refractive index sensor for wet chemical composition monitoring in spray solvent tools. The well-received Process Refractometer PR-33-S sensor offers an optical design for improved measurement stability in process conditions of tools using wet etch and post etch residue removal chemistries. A drift-free digital output allows connection to the programmable logic controller or fab network through an Ethernet connector.

K-Patents will participate in SEMICON West 2013 in San Francisco on July 9-11, 2013. Our booth is No. 2222. SEMICON West is the main event in the global microelectronics industry. Major technologies in Semiconductors, Photovoltaics/ Solar , Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), LEDs/Solid State Lighting, etc. will be featured in the fair.

K-Patents will introduce a third Generation Semicon Refractometer PR-33-S at the Semicon West show. The PR-33-S refractometer monitors and measures the liquid chemical concentrations throughout the whole semiconductor fabrication process, i.e. from chemical supplies down to fab in-line and tool in-situ chemical quality control.

K-Patents Semicon Process Refractometer PR-23-MS has been selected a winner of the 2007 Editor's Choice Best Product Award by the Semiconductor International.