K-Patents new Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M provides tight process control for semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication.

The continuously increasing integration of today's most advanced semiconductors requires increasingly tigh process control of the semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication. Chemical concentration control is becoming crucial e.g. to wafer processing in order to obtain consistency and more environmentally sound processes.

K-Patents new Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M measures the concentrations of process liquids such as etchants, photo resists, developers, strippers and cleaning agents in the semiconductor fabs.

Utilizing inert non-metallic materials on all wetted parts, the instrument delivers continuous and accurate measurement in an application area currently dominated by analyzers and laboratory-based analysis techniques.

PR-23-M provides an alarm if the chemical composition is not within programmed specifications. It is ideal for preventing out-of-spec chemicals from entering the semiconductor process, eliminating costly production problems.

K-Patents' PR-23-M is an all-purpose transmitter, and can be used to measure the concentrations of all kinds of process liquids such as HF, HCl, KOH, IPA, PGMEA, NMP, NH4OH, C2H6O2 and CH3COCH. The instrument provides a continuous 4-20 mA or digital measurement signal.

The measurement is based on optical measurement sensor, which uses a CCD (charged couple device) camera to provide a digital measurement of refractive index.

Measurement accuracy is +/-0.0002 RI (which corresponds to +/- 0.1% by weight), and is not affected by bubbles, particles, or the color of the process liquid.

Further, the PR-23-M has no calibration drift and requires no maintenance. Users can simply 'install-and-forget', providing a low total cost of ownership.

The sensor connects directly into the process pipe, and can be installed in less than an hour. Its compact, small footprint design ensures that PR-23-M can be integrated easily into a wet bench or cabinet.

See the PR-23-M product pages for more information.